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By the end of november

Get to know the results of the 2017 Arroios Participatory Budget here

The Arroios Participatory Budget (OP-JFA) is an instrument of participatory democracy that allows citizens to present project proposals to be realized in the Arroios parish for inclusion in the Parish Council Budget.

It is thus an invitation to all citizens, over 16 years of age, who reside, study, work or have a civic participation in the parish, to identify, propose, debate and decide on projects for the Arroios parish.

The execution of projects approved by voting by citizens is the sole responsibility of the Arroios Parish Council, under the terms of the Legal Regime of Local Authorities, Local Finance Law and other applicable legislations.

In case of doubt, contact via email op2017@jfarroios.pt or telephone 914 580 501.